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We’ve Been Keeping Secrets…

If you follow us on facebook, snapchat or instagram you’ll have seen we have been uber busy with our new store, but we haven't been telling you the whole truth....
Firstly the store itself we haven't been totally honest about. It's not just any kind of store, SBB owner Rachel has turned every girls dream Pinterest board into shop interior heaven.
I’m talking crushed velvets, French mirrors, 3D wallpaper and did I forget to mention the crystal chandeliers?
I really shouldn't but here's a sneak peak of what you can expect. 
Fancy moving in? Yep us too!
Secondly the stock…although we have mentioned the new store numerous times before our best kept secret is our new stock. We have got the most amazing NEW LABELS for you ladies. 
Even better lots of them are totally EXCLUSIVE to our store so you won't see our dresses in any other boutique in Northern Ireland. 
Avoiding this problem at all costs...
I would love to reveal everything we have in store for you, particularly our new labels - but soz I can’t right now. 
I am however going to leave you with a sneak peak of what you can expect to see though. Keep an eye on our blog for more...
With love,
Sarah xx
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