An Exciting Announcement

Posted on August 03 2015

Happy Monday!
This week is going to a crazy one for us SBB girls, with Rachel in London on a buying trip and Kara, myself and the rest of the team getting ready for the new store opening. I'm sensing lots of caffeine fuelled hours for us all.

If you are following us on Snapchat you will have been keeping up-to-date with our daily store life and most importantly Rachels' buying trip in London. We are totally envious of her new wardrobe which gave all our lovely readers a sneak peak at more of our latest stock. 
London looks a little less dreary than Magherafelt.
If you haven't already added us on snapchat, you should definitely put this on the top of your to do list!  We are loving Snapchat at the minute and have a little obsession with Irish bloggers 'pippa.oconnor', 'rosieconxxx' and 'poppyloves'. Can we have their lives please? 
For more add us:
We do have an exciting announcement to make though as the final preparations are going into the new store. We have deliveries arriving thick and fast.
With all the girls working super hard to have our new store looking on point our official opening date can be announced!!
With Love,
Sarah xx


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