It's Bloody Buying Season!...

Yep, Its that time of the year again... Buying Season!

Four times a year (at least) I leave for a few days to the likes of London & Paris to source new brands for the store and I hear it over and over again, "you're so lucky, I would love you're job" blah blah blah. To be totally honest this is the part I like the least. It's full on, I mean totally full on. I spend most of the day like a deer trapped in highlights trying to focus. Its alot to take in and huge pressure. I mean at the end of the day this is all on me, what if all my customers hate what I buy in? What if I don't buy enough and I have disgruntled customers because the dress they've seen and loved on FB has sold out already? What if it never sells? 

So after a full 12 hours from 10am this morning of solid buying I am finally back in bed sitting at my laptop replying to emails and preparing for a full day of meetings tomorrow. But... If I'm totally honest I have to admit, I am mega excited about tomorrows first meeting, its something I have been keeping under wraps for months now, and it's with one of my all time favorite designers. This is one of those brands where I grew up drooling over, and now to think that I will be carrying it in my own store is surreal. But as they say, 'nothing ventured is nothing gained"... 

Anyways, back to today. So after an early rise I headed off to my first buying show where I met with all the brands I already stock plus sourced a few new brands. Well, when I say a "few" I really mean "a lot". Day 1 of buying and I've already tied up NINE new brands for SBB! 

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Oh and as if buying clothing wasn't enough I've decided to carry a small range of footwear also. But how could I resist after seen these beauties?...

My motto has always been to only buy in stock that I would wear myself - no messing about and it means that I genuinely love what I sell to my customers. I am hugely passionate about what I do and its just not a job, its 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I want to do it my way.

Here's another beauty I spotted today... What do we think - Yay or Ney?

All of the collections today were for Spring Summer 16. I actually can not believe I am writing these digits, 1.6... TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN. How the flip did that happen? I am pretty sure the millennium only happened a few years ago! Come to think of it, Did my millennium alien baby ever wake up? I wonder how my tamagotchi is keeping?

Anyways, back to today - Spring Summer means one thing and one thing only, colors, pastels and loveliness! - I mean these bags, just look at these bags!!...

I am I just the only one who spots something in a pastel shade and wants to immediately whip out the white skinnies and a 99'er ice-cream?

So after all that, and a few glasses of Rosie wine in between (i mean I can't lie), I had one more buying appointment after the show and then HOME TIME! Well, by home I mean The May Fair Hotel. We had planned to visited the cocktail bar, as after all, it is the whole reason we booked our hotel. Who doesn't book a hotel totally based on their cocktail selection?

Goodnight folks.

Rachel xx

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