10 People You Need To Follow On Snapchat

You already use Snapchat to relive the night before most Sunday mornings, and to let your friends know when you’re eating/exercising/working/bored, but did you know there are fashion insiders also sharing their daily lives on the app?
While a pic of your boyfriends-cousins-best friend’s baby is admittedly cute, the minutiae of every day life for a fashion star is a lot more action-packed.
We’ll always love you Instagram, but we’re starting to think it’s Snapchat that gives the best inside look at fashion star’s stories.

So, If like me you find yourself addicted to the initially confusing, but RIDICULOUSLY stalkerish world of Snapchat then you will know that the key is to follow great accounts.

Today (while Baby E is having a mid morning nap) I have decided to list the accounts that I find myself NEEDING to check *cough* stalk everyday.

- lydiaemillen 
I love this girl! - Yes, I am aware I have never met her in my life but…. considering I follow her on Snapchat AND Insta we are practically BFF’s!

Even the fact that I can not speak a word of Italian this does not stop me checking her out on a daily basis. In my opinion Chiara Ferragni was one (if not the) first fashion blogger to make it big! Follow her and see what it's really like to be a blogger, country hopping, attending fabulous parties, and working on photo shoots with major brands and magazines. 

I think at this stage we have all heard about Holly’s infamous Snapchat account after she posted the pictures comparing snaps sent to boys versus snaps sent to girls.
The story received international coverage as almost every publication picked up on it, meaning the Dublin model got a serious amount of new followers.
Her account shows off her humorous side as well as pictures and videos from her modeling work.
Three worlds only…. “Present Yo Self”

The stylish mum of one has a Snapchat account that is like a live stream of her website.
She covers everything from styling, beauty, family and travel – whether she’s snapping from her fashion work shops or sharing videos with husband Brian Ormond.

Fashion blogger Danielle Berstein‘s account takes you on her daily adventures, including intimate dinners with designers, fancy fashion events, and plenty of her bread and butter: Outfit posts.


The youngest Jenner, Kylie loves a good Snapchat singalong, you'll find her lip-synching to her favorite tunes while riding around Calabasas, and also glimpses of her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner.

With best friends like Kendall Jenner, and one of those faces that are so damn pretty, you can’t stop staring, Gigi Hadid’s story is one you’ll want to be checking daily.


Just because she is drop dead gorgeous and its not fair... Oh - And she's an amazing singer!

 - spoiltbellebtq 
Last - but in no way least - it's US! Follow spoiltbellebtq for BTS action at fashion shows, buying trips to London, Paris, Milan and be the first to see new stock!...and of course the odd baby pic! 


If like us you also have an unhealthily obsession to following any Bloggers/Celebs inparticular let us know! 

Rachel xx

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