My Top Picks In Store Right Now - June 2018

 So here I am, back at it and posting to a physical blog...

The reason I stopped two, yes TWO years ago, was because snapchat took over my life. I know that sounds so ridiculous but it's the truth. Realistically, what was the point in taking time out to sit down and write a blog when I can just pop on Snapchat, speak for 5 minutes and have 40k people see what I have to say in 24 hours? SIMPLE!

However - in saying that, I have noticed a lot of the same questions being asked over and over and I thought it would be really helpful to have everything in one place where it won't disappear after 24hours.

So heres a simple one to start off with - My Top Picks from SBB right now. 

First up is this KILLER dress, its from our collection with 8th Sign and I recently wore it to the launch night of the new LMD salon. Louise knows how to throw a party so I knew it would be glam. 

I had no hair or make up booked (vintage me while going to a party full of make up artists). So I had I no choice but to go for my staple hair style of slick back low pony. I'm loving this look so much lately! I love wearing a g44lam dress but being subtle with hair and make-up for a chic look.



This dress is currently 25% OFF right now! - Click picture for link.

Next up is this poka-dot ruffle skirt that I wore recently to our first event - The Fashion Academy. 

I teamed it with a graphic black tee but I'd also love to wear it with a white cotton shirt buttoned low down enough to show a black lace bralette underneath.


This Skirt is £59.99 and comes in sizes Small, Medium & Large.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll also have noticed that Tropic prints have been my thing lately.

I recently wore this midi pleated tropic print dress and adored it! I changed the belt to a black Guess one that we have in store to style it up a bit.

Speaking of prints - I've been getting lots of wear out of my silk Guess wrap dress recently! - BTW, It's quite small on the arms so I would recommend going up a size!

But it was fab for holidays, and even better that its creaseproof so didn't need to iron when it got pulled from the suitcase (not that I would have anyway.)

Last weekend with Ethan's 3rd Birthday Party - I wore this culotte stripe jumpsuit with a Guess leather jacket. The weather was unpredictable so it was perfect, also super comfortable and more importantly I had room for cake! 


On the footwear front, Ive been wearing these white and gold studded Guess slip on trainers since they basically came into stock. I think we only have a few sizes left but definitely a great investment piece to add to your wardrobe as I find that they go with literally everything!

Hope you enjoyed and I'll try my best in between running the shops, mom life and everything else in-between to keep this up! - if you have any requests in particular just pop them in the comments below.

Rachel x

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